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Best Tides to Go Shelling

The best time to go shelling is when during the High or Low tides depending on the beach. I plan shelling trips around the Moon phases. New Moon or Full Moon. Three days before and till three days after the New or Full Moon. The best day is the day of a New or Full Moon. This does happen two times a month. The really good Moon phases are the Special Mon Events such as Super Full, or Red Moon, or Blue Moon. Eclipses do affect the tides too, but not as major as a Super Full or Blue Moon. You will also need to track the time of the tides during the day you are shelling. This will vary from location to location. There are apps that can be installed on most smart phones to track the times. If there is no tide tracking point at your location you can find one that is close by, up to about 100 miles away, but keep it on the same major body of water. A major body of water would be the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic. The times of the high and low tides will change during the seasons of the year.

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