Turtle Season


So, it is now high turtle season which means sea turtles are nesting and hatching their eggs. You may have a chance to see one if you are out in early mornings. Sea turtles use light to find them back to the ocean when they are done laying their eggs and find their way to the water after they hatch. So to prevent sea turtles from getting lost or not laying their eggs use a red color flashlights. Please keep your distance from these beautiful creatures. Most beaches and states have a sea turtle patrol. They will mark and set up a protection for the nest. The nest then is marked, depending on the state or who is doing the patrol. I do go to some remote beaches that do not have a turtle patrol, if I do spot them, I do notify NOAA (https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/report) about the turtle with GPS location, type of turtle and time and day if I do not have cell phone coverage at the time. With turtle season comes along with what like to eat turtles, that is sharks. This is why I do not do much shelling during turtle season. As you see by this picture from How Stuff Works (https://adventure.howstuffworks.com/shark-attack.htm) a shark cannot really tell the differences between a person on a surf board or kayak and a turtle. Some could say that the shells are on the beach, but I will say that not all of the shells are on the beach. I would prefer to keep my arms, legs and other body parts attached, plus I do go to some very remote beaches where it will take a while for EMS to show up.

What Sharks Sees

This year I have been seeing more reports of sharks close to shore, and not the little ones you can play with, but the big ones which can take a few stiches to sew you up kind of bits. If you ever get the chance to see a sea turtle your heart will melt. By the way sea turtles eat jelly fish and us shellers do not like jelly fish, or at least I do not like jelly fish. 


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